Poladarium 2014

Getting published rocks! This is actually the first time some of my photographic work gets printed. Sure, I had photos printed by institutions I worked for, but this time it’s about the work I do exclusively for art’s sake. Love it.

In case you never heard of “Poladarium”: It’s a 365 day tear-off calendar, each day presenting a different polaroid. And even 2 of my pictures got accepted for the 2014 edition which is now available to purchase. If you’re interested, you can buy it online here – but normally it’ll also be available at selected book stores, art galleries, museums etc. In Berlin, you’ll be able to buy it at Sofortbild-Shop, for example.

Btw, these are the 2 polas that got in:

20 33

They’re from my 2012 trip to the U.S., taken in Brooklyn/New York City – the first one obviously showing the Brooklyn Bridge; the second one was shot in Coney Island (a place that’s always worth a visit if you’re in New York – take the subway to the sea and enjoy the scent of freakish history).

Too bad, they don’t print the colored frames as well, but just the pictures. But hey, it’s still cool. And I just love the idea of being part of a calendar, so these days I’m actually uploading stuff again – for the 2015 edition. Fingers crossed!!!

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ArtsyFartsyFriday #24

cheval de bois“cheval de bois”

(10″ x 10″ / 25 x 25 cm)

so this is it. the very last piece of the series projekt:metropola-parisneuf. another view of the (foggy and thus “topless”) eiffel tower, shot from the bottom of a lovely nostalgic carousel between avenue de new york and the trocadero. i hope you enjoyed this series as much as i did – it was a first for me to carry my art stuff somewhere else and improvise with the conditions in this little hotel room.

so what’s to come next: first i have to tell you that i’m gonna take a little break, just a couple of weeks, because my favourite polaroid camera (an sx70 from the 70s) is broke (again) and i need to get it fixed somehow (which is not that easy..) or get myself another one… but then… there’ll be a brand new projekt:metropola series, in which i will combine the material from the aluminium series with white paint and colour polaroids. so it’ll be kind of a mixture of the two designs i’ve done so far. so stay tuned for the white series!

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ArtsyFartsyFriday #23

la basilique“la basilique”

(10″ x 10″ / 25 x 25 cm)

this is the must-see in the paris neighbourhood montmartre: the beautiful basilica of sacré-coeur. it stands on top of a hill (thus the name of the quarter, the “mount of the martyrs”), from which you get a stunning view over paris. watching the sunrise from one of the benches in front of the basilica is just breathtaking.

projekt:metropola-parisneuf is coming to an end, finishing next week with the second eiffel tower piece. next friday i’ll also tell you about my idea for a new series – i really hope it gets a little warmer and sunnier pretty soon so that i can produce some fresh art. fingers crossed!

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ArtsyFartsyFriday #22


first of all, happy 2013, everyone! may we all remain curious and inspired!

in case you just got here: this is the 7th of a 9-piece series called projekt:metropola-parisneuf. projekt:metropola is a collection of pictures i create by manipulating instant photographs with emulsion lifts and transfers and putting these images on aluminium or canvas for combining a vintage photo look with a modern appearance. if you’re interested to see more of that, feel free to browse through older posts or check out my website.

back to this post: what you see here is the famous arc de triomphe in the northwest of paris. it stands in the middle of a gigantic roundabout connecting 12 streets, one of them being the no less famous champs elysées.

next week you’ll catch a glimpse of the sacré coeur – partly hidden in the clouds as were most of my objects on this recent trip.

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ArtsyFartsyFriday #21


(10″ x 10″ / 25 x 25 cm)

as promised, the last piece this year is one of my favourite ones – not only of projekt:metropola – parisneuf, but of all time actually. i’m a huge fan of art déco, and the entrances of the paris metro stations have such a lovely variety of  designs. this one, which i love the most, is the entrance of the metro station abbesses in the 18th arrondissement, near sacré coeur, right next to my favourite café “coquelicot” (go there for breakfast, try the p’tit dej équilibre – you won’t regret it!).

around the station is a tiny fair, and i sat for quite a while on the steps of a carousel, eye pressed to the viewfinder of my polaroid box camera, finger on the release, waiting for the “decisive moment” without people in my way and with a little bit of sunshine falling through the glass roof. and suddenly there it was.

dear visitors, likers and followers, have a stunning year 2013 with a shitload of inspiration and decisive moments! see you next year

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ArtsyFartsyFriday #20

la cathédrale“la cathédrale”

(10″ x 10″ / 25 x 25 cm)

apocalypse postponed. phew. means, i have the opportunity (and the pleasure) to present you the 20th AFF! hooray. as promised, this week’s piece of projekt:metropola – parisneuf shows a picture of the impressive cathedral of notre dame, one of the most famous landmarks in paris.

in case you didn’t know, this place is literally the centre of paris: right in front of the building, there’s a little bronze star set in the pavement saying “point zéro des routes de france”. so it’s the point, from where distances to and from paris are measured. yeah i know, i’m smart-assing here – but to be frank, i have to admit that i never actually managed to spot this star… i’ve been there so many times looking around without succeeding to find it (and no, i didn’t ask anyone – i prefer to be an undercover tourist). so, if you happen to know where the heck it is, let me know!

next week will be the last AFF in 2012 (surprise surprise), and i’m really looking forward to this one, cos i’m gonna show you one of my favourites of the series, so stay tuned! now i’ll have some more hot wine – happy holidays!

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ArtsyFartsyFriday #19


(10″ x 10″ / 25 x 25 cm)

yay, friday again! today, presenting the 4th piece of projekt:metropola – parisneuf. it shows one of the two stunningly beautiful fountains on the north and south end of place de la concorde. in the middle – wrapped in fog that day, so barely visible here – stands a huge obelisk. this place is one of the few areas in paris that i love for its wideness, its greatness. because normally i prefer the cosy paris, the narrow winding roads of montmartre or the marais. but this is a beautiful exception; for me, place de la concorde has something majestic, without being pretentious.

next week (yeah, i finally have a plan!) i’m gonna show you my view of the cathedral of notre dame. so stay tuned!

ps: thanks a lo-ho-hot for the many many likes last week!!

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ArtsyFartsyFriday #18

la tour

“la tour”

(10″ x 10″ / 25 x 25 cm)

guess you can’t do a series picturing paris without showing the eiffel tower. not really. so this is it, piece no. 3 of 9 of projekt:metropola – parisneuf. paris was a little weird this time, because (as i wrote 2 weeks before – but maybe it’s your first time here) it was very foggy the week i was there. so what you can see of the eiffel tower in this picture is actually all there was to see of it. no top. the whole week. i made a second picture of the tower, visibly “topless”, which you’re likely to see here in a few weeks – you’ll see what i mean.

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ArtsyFartsyFriday #17

le moulin

“le moulin”

(10″ x 10″ / 25 x 25 cm)

this is the second picture of projekt:metropola – parisneuf. it’s the infamous moulin rouge, a (quite old) place where barely dressed hot chicks do the cancan. or something like this. i’ve never been inside; but you’ve probably seen the movie. everytime i’m in paris, i stay in a small hotel just around the corner. i like this area a lot, because like most (ex-) red light districts it’s a very colourful neighbourhood, many graffiti, many cafés. and a little f**ked up. just a little, so that it’s still kind of charming.

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ArtsyFartsyFriday #16

“le temps”

(10″ x 10″ / 25 x 25 cm)

as you might have noticed, there was no AFF last week. that was because i was still in paris at that time (and i still don’t own a smart phone, so i can’t just quickly upload stuff..). sorry for that. but my trip there was really worth it. paris was very cloudy and foggy the whole week, which was a little challengeing – not only mood-wise but especially photo-wise: bright, but little contrast. but eventually i got used to the circumstances and became quite happy with the results.

so this is the first piece of projekt:metropola – parisneuf. “neuf” because it’s a series of 9 pieces. the one you can see here is a picture of one of my favourite views in paris. many years ago, i’ve seen this perspective in an old photograph, i guess it was from the 40s or 50s or so. i don’t even remember who took it, but it likely was one of the famous ones, like cartier-bresson, doisneau, brassaï… well, let me know if you know. anyway, i loved it right away, this huge clock window through which you can look over the seine and the rive droite. i found out that it was taken from the inside of the musée d’orsay. and luckily, that is still officially possible these days. so i spent a good hour in this room to wait for the “decisive moment”. and this was it.

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